Saturday, 11 May 2013

PROY#58 received from Darie - Красноярск, Russland – 15 April 2013

Even if this Postcrossing card was probabably not sent to me as mail art, 
I consider it as a contribution to my PROYproject!

Darie sent me a PostCrossing card made out of  Krasnoyarsky bus tickets. She writes that people in Krasnoyarsk believe that "lucky" tickets bring happiness to whom gets them! A ticket is "lucky" if the sum of the first three numbers is equal to that of the last three. For ex. a 622370-ticket is a "lucky" one: 6+2+2 = 3+7+0! So, Darie proposes me to search if I have a "lucky" ticket—and yes! I have one: the 220400! Thanks to Darie who sent me (some of) her bus tickets—and, in addition, sent me a "lucky" ticket—and in addition, made a wonderful red PostCrossing card out of them! I'm HAPPY!

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