Tuesday, 23 April 2013

PROY#55 received from Perrine Mondineu – Larrey, France – 20 March 2013

Perrine asks for "Letter(s) from the Alphabet" ("Lettre(s) de l'Alphabet"). Her call ends on the 30th of September 2013. Free format and technique.

Perrine's address:
Perrine Mondineu
2, Grande Rue
21330 Larrey

PROY#53 received from Jack McDaniel – Morganton, NC, USA – 12 March 2013

PROY#52 received from Nadine Carranza – Lege Cap-Ferret – "Les couleurs" - 8 March 2013

PROY#51 received from En, MAiL-ART – Chauny, France – 6 March 2013

PROY#50 received from Ivana Rezek - Zagreb, Croatia – 6 March 2013

PROY#54 received from Ka van Haasteren – Den Haag, Netherlands – 12 March 2013

Ka's adventurous mail art was waiting for me when I arrived in Oldenburg! She used already my new address! I knew that it was there!!! but I only opened it after my moving! And then, the colours jumped from the envelope!