Monday, 21 January 2013

PROY#41 received from Pedro Bericat - Zaragoza, Spain - 19 jan 2013

What you cannot see on these images is that Pedro's sendings —"envelopes" / "cards"— are (made up of) transparent (plastic). You can see that better on his previous sending;postID=2888108248839995558

"2013" - PROY#40 received from Lydie Bonnec - Guyancourt, France - 19 jan 2013

New Year wishes from Lydie! That was long ago!
Lydie sent me a card from a VERY INTERESTING exhibition:

Ilija Basicevic-Bosilj - Prince Marco and the Three-Headed Arab, 1959 - Exhibition #1 - The Museum of Everything on the corner of Regents Park Road and Sharpleshall Street London NW1 - - NOW in PARIS (France), @ 14 Boulevard Raspail, untill ? Feb. 2013!!!

PROY#37 received from Laurence Gillot – Nancy, France - "pour toi Willemien" - 19 jan 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

PROY#32 received from Maia Canes Bank – Madrid, Spain – 26 dec 2012

PROY#39 received from Ivan Manuel Chairez Jaime – Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico – 19 dec 2012

PROY#27 received from Miranda Vissers – Eindhoven, Netherlands – 17 dec 2012

Miranda has a mail art project on the theme of Kalevala. She writes:        

            KALEVALA Mail Art Project

Please send me a postcard about Kalevala, Finland's epic.
Only 10x15cm format, all techniques, painting, graphics, collage, photography.
No fee, no returns, answer to all (don’t forget your address).
Exhibition Spring 2014 in Juminkeko, Kuhmo, Finland.
Deadline December 31st 2013.
Send by post only, to:
Miranda Vissers / Kalevala
Jo Goudkuillaan 2
5626 GC Eindhoven
For information:

Monday, 14 January 2013

PROY#29 received from no-longer-UNKNOWN - Germany

THE —yes, "the"— "UNKNOWN Sender" —who has been dismantled (cf. PROY#31)— sent also an ORANGE mail art in the form of a big orange sheet —ach, it is a "poster orange", as "nous-en-France", we would also say. I noticed this time the sender's discrete signing under the polite "Regards"!
He put an Italian stamp, but this ANONYMOUS knows how to use his local mail service! and I now know he is from Germany!