Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PROY#31 received from UNKNOWN - Germany

I had already problems to identify the sender of a mail-art, but for this YELLOW card, the ONLY CLUEs were/are • the rubberstamp "Hannah Hoch Fan Club", and • the Austrian post mark —yes, but... cf. PROY#29... As the club has a certain number of members and as I did not find out who are the Austrian members, for the first time, I publish on my blog a mail-art received from an UNKNOWN SENDER... If she/he reads this and sends me her/his name, I can —and will— send a reaction mail-art! 
Haha! I discovered the identity of the UNKNOWN SENDER—after he —yes, because it is a "he"—sent ORANGE (see PROY#29), with (N.B.) possibly even LESS CUES! But, as my Schwiegervater was detective, I know how to find cues: under the shower! So, I took a shower at Christmas!

KulturBarbarin die ich bin!!! Hatte ich die Venus von Arheilgen nicht erkennt... Shame on me! 

Friday, 7 December 2012

PROY#28 received from Ana Marta Austin - Brasilia, Brasil

This SPECTACULAR card —with orange, yes! pink & red, yes; yellow, the colour of the nylon net that covers the rest! AND THEN..., a dazzling diamond lace!—came from Ana Marta Austin (Brasilia, Brasil). Of course, as for most mail-arts received, the photo cannot show at all the ENCHANTMENT of this card!
Ana Marta entitles her work "Desvio para o brilho", that is, "Detour via the brightness"!
Ana Marta's blogs:

Thursday, 6 December 2012

PROY#26 received from Kemal Özyurt - Istanbul, Turkey

I imagine that the finger with pen is pointing the place where Kemal is living, to the South of Çiftalan and to the East of Odayeri.

Kemal's blog: http://futuristanbul.blogspot.de/

PROY#25 received from Virgo - Samara, Russia

Virgo's blog: http://virgo-life-mail-love.blogspot.de/ 


PROY#24 received from Dean Marks - Paris, France

The first time -I think to remember- that I receive a rectangular mail-art with a rectangular outgrowth... And I had to work as a detective to find out WHO was the sender of this crazy art work!

PROY#23 received from Emilie Gros - Paris, France

PROY#22 received from Eric Bruth - Montrouge, France

Eric writes that he considers his "orange" not orange enough, but I find it a beautiful orange-yellow!

PROY#21 received from Roberto Scala - Massa Lubrense, Italy

PROY#20 received from Ka van Haasteren - Den Haag, The Netherlands

PROY#19 received from Lutz Beeke - Potsdam, Germany


Monday, 19 November 2012

Pink - Red - Orange - Yellow

is the theme of my new mail-art project , 

for which I ask you to contribute 
in the form of a mail-art 
using one or more of these colours 
(technique free & format free, but 
PREFERENTIALLY on A6 or A5 cards or envelopes).

Your sending will appear on this blog, that is,

In reply, I will send you a mail-art 
 (so, don’t forget to write your address).

"Dead"line: 31/12/2013

...but I also continue 
interested by other, "free" sendings, 
PREFERENTIALLY on A6 or A5 cards or envelopes!

Send your mail-art to 
Willemien Visser
15 rue Vergniaud
75013 Paris

Saturday, 17 November 2012

PROY#18 received from Rupert Loydell

It is that Rupert writes on his envelope "Pink - Red - Orange - Yellow"—otherwise I would have considered his sending as a mail-art "free from theme".

PROY#17 received from Lubomyr Tymkiv

PROY#16 received from Diane Keys

PROY#15 received from Sara Morsey

PROY#14 received from Eni Ilis

PROY#12 received from Silvano Pertone

A second sending from Silvano.

PROY#11 and #PROY13 received from Lindenhof

Two cards from Lindenhof. Their sender(s) refer(s) to Behinder-mich-nicht.de, a social network,  especially for "Menschen mit Behinderung" (people with a handicap) —"handicaps" of every nature—, but also for people who do not feel handicapped at all!

PROY#10 received from Carlo Maria Giudici

This text might come from Dante Alighieri's "Divina Commedia".