Monday, 19 November 2012

Pink - Red - Orange - Yellow

is the theme of my new mail-art project , 

for which I ask you to contribute 
in the form of a mail-art 
using one or more of these colours 
(technique free & format free, but 
PREFERENTIALLY on A6 or A5 cards or envelopes).

Your sending will appear on this blog, that is,

In reply, I will send you a mail-art 
 (so, don’t forget to write your address).

"Dead"line: 31/12/2013

...but I also continue 
interested by other, "free" sendings, 
PREFERENTIALLY on A6 or A5 cards or envelopes!

Send your mail-art to 
Willemien Visser
15 rue Vergniaud
75013 Paris

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