Tuesday, 24 September 2013

PROY#71 received from Simon Warren - Tring, G.B. - 01/09/13


And Simon's 7th sending is also a coloured one! It is especially a suggestive text!

PROY#70 received from Simon Warren - Tring, G.B. - 30/08/13

Simon's 6th sending! I cannot cut&paste so quick as Simon writes and draws!

ORANGE! Of course, I see the orange queen, but I could imagine that there is still another association. Not knowing the ?2nd? sense of "trifle," I don't understand the "Willemien is asking for a second helping of trifle." The English-French dictionary says (also) "diplomate," but I don't know the dessert called "diplomate" ...
I looked up some images of "trifle" and I really think I wouldn't be able to have "a second helping of trifle." By the way, I would ask for a vegan version! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

PROY#68 received from Fabienne Gonay - Rossignol, Belgium - 24/07/13

Fabienne sends a list of her wishes for mail-art sendings. Among them are the country attitude - hats - bridges - photograph(y) - birds, esp. tits/chickadees (in French "mésange", the name of the street where Fabienne lives) and nightingales (in French "rossignol", the name of the village where she lives) - the 50ies/60ies (I suppose of the xxth c.) - butterflies - poppies.
Fabienne's address: 

Fabienne Gonay
109, rue des Mésanges
6730 Rossignol

PROY#67 received from Cristina Blanks - Wörthsee, Germany - 10/08/13

Just before I left Oldenburg for holidays, there was this mail art in my mailbox. Cristina sent me a splashing pink+++ painting, entitled "still the same place", name of a project she met at the Biënnale in Venice. I opened it in the train to Paris.

PROY#66 received from Jiri Subrt – Praha, Czech Republic - 01/08/13

Even if he did not announce his colours, I see PINK, RED, ORANGE and YELLOW in Jiri Subrt's painting!