Wednesday, 27 February 2013

PROY#49 received from Aislyn – Joshua Tree, CA, USA – 27 feb 2013

PROY#48 received from Françoise Bourgon – Bouxières aux Chênes, France – 25 feb 2013

Françoise sent me this wonderful envelope sewed from orange-red coton, embroidered with miniscule pink perls (among other things), covered with a plastic lace and with small red buttons. This is my first exemplar of this mail-art species!
Françoise makes a mail-art call with the theme "en mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît", that is, "never cast a clout till May is out" 

Send to:
Françoise Bourgon
29, rue des Grouantes
54770 Bouxières aux Chênes, France

PROY#47 received22 from Elisa Battistella – San Donato, Italy – 20 feb 2013

Elisa sent a big collage with coloured pencils and rubber cubes (35x24 cm) in an enormous envelope (it did not enter into my mailbox: 30x40 cm)

PROY#46 received from Liana Swink – Portland, OR, U.S.

PROY#45 received from Consuelo Debiagi – Campinas, SP, Brazil - 30 jan 2013

In order to make this mail-art, Consuelo used "the ancient encaustic technique".

PROY#44 received from Matthias Brugger – Markdorf, Germany - 30 jan 2013

PROY#43 received from "Chantal Tahiti", Chantal Casamayor de Planta – Le Cap Ferret, France - 30 jan 2013

Chantal sends this joyful painting with "some flowers from her Tahiti garden, tipaniers, hibiscus, allamandas and orchids"!

PROY#42 received from Saartje Stiers – Stabroek, Belgium - 29 jan 2013