Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PROY#31 received from UNKNOWN - Germany

I had already problems to identify the sender of a mail-art, but for this YELLOW card, the ONLY CLUEs were/are • the rubberstamp "Hannah Hoch Fan Club", and • the Austrian post mark —yes, but... cf. PROY#29... As the club has a certain number of members and as I did not find out who are the Austrian members, for the first time, I publish on my blog a mail-art received from an UNKNOWN SENDER... If she/he reads this and sends me her/his name, I can —and will— send a reaction mail-art! 
Haha! I discovered the identity of the UNKNOWN SENDER—after he —yes, because it is a "he"—sent ORANGE (see PROY#29), with (N.B.) possibly even LESS CUES! But, as my Schwiegervater was detective, I know how to find cues: under the shower! So, I took a shower at Christmas!

KulturBarbarin die ich bin!!! Hatte ich die Venus von Arheilgen nicht erkennt... Shame on me! 

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